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Barichara, Colombia
7 rooms, 22 guests
Meals included
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We seek to strengthen the spiritual, mental and physical health of our visitors.

We focus on transforming lives, whether it is from our MISSIONS, workshops, retreats and wellness tourism. Our programs have the sole purpose of awakening in each person a new sense of "wellness", taking advantage of the idyllic place we have as our headquarters in Barichara.

We focus on receiving missionaries who contribute time, joy and knowledge to vulnerable communities in the region through our programs. 
To make the MISSIONS viable, we help ourselves with our "Bed & Breakfast". How not to allow all those who wish to live the history of this beautiful town the opportunity to sunrise and sunset in La Maria? Our headquarters is comfortable, beautiful and well equipped for any tourist to live a renewing experience. We use this income to work with low-income children, abused women, abandoned elderly people and the prison population. 
It is through our workshops and retreats that we offer the necessary tools to understand, confront and overcome difficult emotional states, dependencies and addictions.
Whether you feel good or bad, at La María Group we offer you a space where you can rediscover the joy of "being alive" and to trace, if necessary, a new and harmonious path.


You can put together your own group with family and friends, or if you are alone, you can join an already formed group. You can also choose which vulnerable population you want to spend your mission days with.

Retreats and Workshops

They are designed to alleviate personal circumstances that prevent us from moving forward with a light soul through life. Our team of professionals will guide your process step by step, and in a short time you will be telling others: Yes it is possible!

Bed & Breakfast

Your home away from home, that's what we aim to be. Whether for a weekend, a week or several weeks, here you will find the perfect restful environment to level body, mind and spirit.

With the strength of love

Headquarters Gallery

La María Group's headquarters house is so spacious and pleasant that you will lose track of time in the silence, enjoying the murmur of the birds, relaxing with the extraordinary selection of central music, losing yourself in the vegetation surrounding the Caney or taking a nap in a hammock.

Hike to Guane

Complementary plans

La María's hosts know the region like no one else. They will guide you through unforgettable trails and paths that contain amazing stories of this warrior and warrior population of Santander. Like the hike to Guane, whose route has been traced since colonial times.

Paragliding Santander

Adventure tourism

It is no secret that the Department of Santander is the epicenter of adventure sports. If being in La Maria, no matter the purpose of your visit, you want to experience some adrenaline, we will accompany you to live one of the extraordinary plans available such as paragliding or canopy.



I participated in the Conscious Nutrition Workshop and it was a super enriching experience. I understood that every day we nourish ourselves not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I recommend it to everyone!

Denise Pinto

Spending a weekend at La Maria is my perfect plan for relaxation and fast food. The hosts are warm and always make you feel at home. Very comfortable beds, healthy food and an atmosphere of absolute peace.

Francisco Garcia

Mary is an open door to salvation. It is not true that there is no hope for those who enter the world of drug addiction. Its open doors embrace and restore; thanks to La Maria, my son has a new opportunity today.

Marina Lopez

I always wanted to join a service plan and didn't know how until I got the information from La Maria. I joined a group and spent 4 days sharing with seniors. Their smiles, questions and appreciation brought back my soul.

Antonia Molina


Amenities, services and travel guide.

Conference room
Private bathrooms
Open kitchen
Video beam
Overground pool
Rest rooms
Coffee station

The food in this region is delicious and very abundant. In Barichara there is a lot to choose from, but perhaps the organic, Italian and typical food offerings stand out. Cabro and pepitoria are, for example, dishes that you can't miss in the land of Santander.

Bars & Lounges

Strolling the streets of Barichara at night is delightful, when the heat has gone down and the breeze from the canyon is blowing. There are viewpoints, romantic alleys and many options to have a couple of drinks and listen to good music.

Art & Culture

Barichara is the idyllic destination for art and culture lovers. Painters, sculptors, musicians and other artists have chosen the town of the patiamarillos (a nickname for those born in Barichara) as their home. Here everything is art; the stone streets, the churches, the houses built with the terra pisada technique, the impressive views of the mountains and even the cemetery is a must-see, because the artisans have been in charge of carving detailed stone tombs.

Leisure & Entertainment

This town is full of artists, and therefore, one of the main activities offered to tourists are painting and/or pottery workshops. There is also a museum with samples of fossils, craft foundations where they teach you how to make paper from natural fibers and the House of Culture, where you can learn all about the idiosyncrasies of this region of the country.

Outdoor adventure

This is the adventure destination par excellence. Santander is known not only nationally but worldwide for offering all kinds of activities for adrenaline lovers. Canoeing, canopy, rafting, paragliding, caving and bungee jumping are part of the offer. The waterfalls of Juan Curí are not to be missed.


Our recommendations are: Near our house, the wells of Curití. Nature will leave you with a "comic" expression, with your jaw down! The waterfalls of Juan Curí, about 40 minutes from our headquarters, are fairytale; really, really fairytale. A little further, Las Gachas, a unique natural destination, full of colorful pools where young and old enjoy water at its best.


and its surroundings.

You won't find a better place to disconnect from the hectic pace of modern life, to find yourself again and chart a new path, if necessary.

(+57) 315 455-0725
Calle 3 #2-38 Barichara, Santander